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Bone Research Society
Bone Disease
Image: Osteoporotic bone


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About this web site

The Bone Research Society web site is designed to be as accessible as possible for a wide variety of users. The text on the pages can be enlarged to suit the user and some keyboard access keys are provided. The pages have also been designed to be accessible to speech readers. Navigation can be skipped and graphics and links have appropriate titles.

How to make the text on the page larger
Internet Explorer: Go to the Tool Bar and choose View, Text Size, Large.
Netscape: Go to the Tool Bar and choose View, Increase Font
Compuserve: Go to View, Options, Fonts. Select Normal font, Enlarge All, OK.

Text only

A text-only version of each page is available - just click on the Text only link at the top of the page. This displays the text without any graphics.

You can choose the font size and colours that suit you best by following the 'Change Text Only Settings' link at the top of each text-only page.

Keyboard access keys

Access keys can be used by anyone who prefers to use the keyboard rather than a mouse. Browser support for access keys is variable and depends on the operating system (eg Windows or Apple Mac) as well as the version of the browser. For Internet Explorer users (versions above 4) use ALT and the access key. For Mac users CNTRL and the access key. Using some systems you may have to press ENTER after the acesss key.

Access Key 0 = go to this accessibility page
Access Key 1 = go to the home page
Access Key 2 = go to the main text of the current page

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