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Clinical Training Course: Osteoporosis and Other Metabolic Bone Diseases
13-15 April 2015
Oxford, UK



BRS/BORS Joint Meeting

BRS 2015 (jointly with the British Society for Matrix Biology)
1-3 September 2015
Edinburgh, UK

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Thank you to all who attended and supported the Sheffield meeting and made it such a success. You can read more about it here


Proposed change to the Constitution of the Bone Research Society

Article 22 of the constitution states “The accounts of the Society shall be audited annually, and a report made by the Treasurer to the Annual General Meeting”. In recent years the BRS accounts have been subjected to an Independent Examination (IE) by Saffery Champness Chartered Accountants ( prior to submission of our annual return to the Charities Commission. An IE is a legally acceptable form of external scrutiny of end of year accounts and is an appropriate alternative to a statutory audit for smaller charities. During this year’s examination, it came to light that our constitution actually refers to “audit” rather than “IE”. Once this discrepancy was discovered, Saffery Champness were unable to sign off the IE for 2013. To fulfil our obligations for external scrutiny, BRS would have to undergo a full audit that is unnecessary and expensive or alternatively modify the constitution to allow IE. The Officers of BRS are therefore recommending that we change Article 22 of the constitution to the following wording:

“The accounts of the Society shall be independently examined or audited annually subject to the requirements of the Charities Act 2011 , and a report made by the Treasurer to the Annual General Meeting”.

This change has been proposed by Allie Gartland and seconded by Jim Gallagher.

If anyone would like any clarification on the proposed change please contact Jim Gallagher. BRS members will be sent a link to the electronic ballot in due course.

Rare Bone disease sheds new insights into degenerative joint disease

BRS Honorary member Prof Alan Boyde and Treasurer Prof Jim Gallagher’s research makes headline news as they discover “a previously unrecognised mechanism of cartilage destruction in human hip joints” after researching the rare bone disease Alkaptonuria. Read the news article from the Express here and the original Journal of Anatomy article here


Congratulations on ASBMR Esteemed Awards for BRS members

It’s a hat trick for Britain in the 2014 American Society for Bone Research 2014 Esteemed Awards. Past President’s Prof Richard Eastell and Prof Stuart Ralston have been recognised with the Frederic C. Bartter Award and Lawrence G. Raisz Award respectively, and Honorary member Prof Graham Russell has been recognised with the Gideon A. Rodan Excellence in Mentorship Award. For more information on the awards visit the ASBMR webpage here

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