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ANNUAL MEETING, 3-5 July 2007, Aberdeen UK

Information for Poster Presenters

See also Information for Speakers


Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre

Location maps will be sent to all pre-registered delegates and will be available on the meeting website from the end of March.

Displaying your poster

  • Boards available in the Gordon Suite from 09:30 on Tuesday 3 July.
  • All posters to be in place by 13.00 on Tuesday 3 July and to remain up until 14:00 on Thursday 5 July.
  • Odd-numbered posters, P1, P3, P5 etc, to be manned between 13:30 and 14:30 on Tuesday 3 July.
  • Even-numbered posters, P2, P4, P6 etc, to be manned between 13:30 and 14:30 on Wednesday 4 July.

Displaying your poster

Poster Preparation

  1. Each presenter will be allocated one numbered board. The maximum size allowed for your poster is:

    Poster size – 85cm wide x 120cm high (portrait format)
    This is the maximum size allowed for your poster

    You must follow these directions – larger posters may not be displayed at the meeting!

  2. Velcro for attaching your poster to the board will be available at the meeting.
  3. Posters are usually more attractive when mounted onto a single background rather then being mounted on the board as several separate sheets.
  4. The Organisers will provide the poster board numbers.
  5. You are invited to bring copies of your poster on A4 sheets to hand out to interested delegates.

Science Posters design service

If you only have access to limited illustration or printing resources you may wish to consider using a design firm. Scienceposters, a specialised design business offering clinical and scientific graphic design services, design and print conference posters at a very competitive rate.

Science Posters was used by 3 presenters at the 2006 Southampton meeting, who commented as follows:

  • SciencePosters were brilliant. Excellent formatting, poster design and punctual delivery. I'd gladly use them again.
  • Scienceposters provided an extremely prompt and efficient service and worked hard to produce the desired product. I would have no hesitation in using them again and have already recommended them to colleagues.
  • I did use Scienceposters services. I think it is the best ever services I can think of. It was extremely fast and at a very short notice. My poster would not have been possible without them.

Please contact Dr Pete Anning on 07968 710369 quoting BRS or click here to visit the website for a full range of products and services.

Organising your poster

  • Title
    The title of your submitted abstract
  • Authors
    Who was involved, and their affiliations
  • Introduction
    A statement about the aims and objectives of the study
  • Methods
    A description of the methodology that you have adopted, including any assumptions
  • Results
    Include examples of the main results of the study
  • Conclusions
    List the main findings and your thoughts about how the work could be progressed further

Formatting your poster

  1. Keep fonts simple and use one or two different fonts only
  2. Font size – your poster should be easily legible at a distance of 1.5 metres. We recommend the following minimum font sizes:
       Title: 84 pt
       Authors/addresses: 42 pt
       Section Headings: 30 pt
       Text: 24 pt
  3. Keep use of colour to a minimum
  4. Maintain a consistent style
  5. Keep text to a minimum
  6. Neutral colours work better as a back ground than bright colours
  7. Make use of graphics where possible
  8. Only include what is absolutely necessary
  9. Do not overload tables and figures with information
  10. Be selective when showing results
  11. Check spelling
  12. Above all, keep it simple


All presenters must include details of any potential conflicts of interest on their slides or posters. You must include details of any company support given, whether in conducting the research, analysing the data or preparing the presentation.

If you have any queries about these arrangements please contact the meeting organiser:

Janet Crompton
The Old White Hart
North Nibley
Glos GL11 6DS

Tel + 44 (0)1453 549929
Fax + 44 (0)1453 548919

See also Information for Speakers

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