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ANNUAL MEETING, 3-5 July 2007, Aberdeen UK

Information for Speakers

See also Information for Poster Presenters


Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre

Location maps will be sent to all pre-registered delegates and will be available on the meeting website from the end of March.

Deadline Wednesday 27 June.
Please see details below for where to send it and how to name your file.

Preparation of your Presentation

Digital projection

We will be using PowerPoint on Office 2003

Accepted formats:

  • PC
    (if you work with a MAC please save your presentation as a PowerPoint for Windows file)

Accepted media:

  • CD
  • DVD (for video extracts)
  • USB removable drive

You are advised to bring a backup copy in case of any problems with your file.

DO NOT bring your presentation on a laptop as there is not enough time in the programme to switch presentation computers.

Advance submission

You must send your presentation in advance of the meeting.

Rules for naming of files:

[your surname]-BRS—2007-[day of presentation]

Eg Smith-BRS-2007-Tuesday

Please email it to Lisa Bremner
If you have any technical queries at all please use this email address or call 01224 330415 for an answer.

Please note - Deadline for submissions: Wednesday 27 June 2007 at the latest. Of course, earlier submissions are very welcome

At the Meeting

Please contact the technician well in advance of your talk (minimum 30 minutes before the start of your session) to ensure that your file has been successfully read.

Presentation times

Please refer to your correspondence with the meeting organisers if you uncertain about how long you have been allocated for your talk.

  • Invited speakers: 30 minutes total, 25 for presentation and 5 for questions
  • Oral communications: 12 minutes total, 8 for presentation and 4 for questions
  • Short orals: 5 minutes total, 3 for presentation and 2 for questions
  • Clinical cases: 15 minutes total, 8 for presentation and 7 for discussion

Short orals

  • Timekeeping is even more important
  • Sit in the front row of the auditorium and be ready to move quickly to the stage as the previous speaker is finishing
  • 3 slides maximum

Slide content and design

  • Material on slides must be of an adequate size to be seen clearly by all delegates.
  • It is recommended that each slide contains no more than seven lines of text and no more than seven words per line.
  • If showing graphs, tables or charts:
    Do not make them too crowded
    Complex figures should be broken up into series
    Limit the number of captions
    Use rounded figures
  • As a rough guide, we suggest you allow no more than two slides per minute of your talk.
  • Slides are easier to read when there is a high contrast between the text and the background. Yellow or white text on a mid to dark blue background works particularly well. Avoid black text on a white background (eg photographs of typed pages).


All presenters must include details of any potential conflicts of interest on their slides or posters. You must include details of any company support given, whether in conducting the research, analysing the data or preparing the presentation.

If you have any queries about these arrangements please contact the meeting organiser:

Janet Crompton
The Old White Hart
North Nibley
Glos GL11 6DS

Tel + 44 (0)1453 549929
Fax + 44 (0)1453 548919

See also Information for Poster Presenters

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